Swiss Open Scuol 2022


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Scuol site

The starting points at 2150 m above sea level can be reached comfortably with the mountain railroad Scuol – Motta Naluns. The club’s meeting point and regulars‘ table is at the La Motta restaurant near the mountain station.

Motta Naluns – Takeoff East

The eastern takeoff site is suitable in Bise (Nord east wind in Switzerland) and low wind conditions. The launch site is slightly elevated above the hill and facilitates the entry into the thermals. In summer the meadow is managed and it is requested to respect the barrier.

Motta Naluns – Takeoff south

The southern launch site is recommended for south to west winds, beware of the cable car! During the ski season, a runway is often prepared here.

Landing site Scuol

The landing site can be found in the meadow above the mountain railway parking. Windsocks are attached and there is enough space for both mountain and valley winds. The packing area is located on the small piece of meadow between the main road and the neighborhood road.